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Macroblock and ITRI Jointly Develop Micro-LED Technology

[CTIMES / SmartAuto ABC_1 Report]    Thursday, Apr 13, 2017

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TAIPEI, Taiwan - Taiwanese LED driver IC supplier Macroblock Inc. and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) signed a joint development “Micro-LED Digital Display Cooperation” agreement to accelerate the development time of micro-LED driver ICs.


Macroblock stated that the small pitch LED display market is continuously maturing, and currently P2.5 LED displays have already become a basic product for small pitch LED display manufacturers. However, in order to achieve smaller spacing in displays, in addition to testing the R&D abilities of display manufacturers, it is also imperative that industry supply chain manufacturers have corresponding solutions.

Macroblock Chairman Dr. Li-Chang Yang commented, “To date, while manufacturing small pitch LED displays, which are P1 (1mm dot spacing) or below, we have bumped into technological and cost bottlenecks. This is the true opportunity for micro-LED.”

The features of micro-LED make it very suitable for use in indoor displays with ultra-small spacing. It is high-resolution, can be connected without seams, is suitable for retail, and can be used for in-store advertising screens in boutique industries.

Through their collaboration with ITRI, they have developed ultra-small pitch LED technology using micro-LED which is of assistance in Macroblock's development of micro-LED dedicated driver ICs.

ITRI and Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories Director Wu Zhi-yi stated that as a self-luminous display, micro LED has the capacity to make the structural design of LED thinner. Furthermore, being micro and arrayed also has other advantages, which include low power consumption, high brightness, ultra-high resolution and color saturation, fast reaction speeds, longer lifespans, and high efficiency.

Wu Zhi-yi further pointed out that the key to micro LED products is their “massive grain transfer” technology, which not only reduces mass production costs, but also increases overall resolution.

ITRI is very optimistic about the future prospects of micro LED and began investing in the development of this technology during its early stages in 2009. They have, therefore, already accumulated considerable experience manufacturing this technology. They hope that this collaboration with Macroblock will spur on the overall development of Taiwan's micro LED display industry.

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