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ECP3 PCI Express Development Kit
原廠/品牌: Lattice 上架日期: 03/22
供應商: Lattice 產品類別: FPGA

     The Lattice PCI Express Development Kit is a complete

     hardware/software development environment to help accelerate the evaluation of PCI Express technology, get to a known good starting point for a design, and then easily transition to design exploration. The kits include several components for rapid evaluation and system design, including several demos ranging from control plane through data plane applications, drivers, GUI, RTL source for top-level project directories, documentation, and an evaluation board. Available on both Windows and Linux platforms, the LatticeECP3 PCI Express Development Kit solution is one of Lattice's development kit offerings for the award-winning LatticeECP3 FPGA device family

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T_LFE3-95EA-PCIE-DKN ECP3 PCI Express Development Kit    電洽 2週交貨 1 電洽

LatticeECP3 PCI Express Development Kit
  Windows Linux
LatticeECP3 PCI Express x1/x4 Solutions Board
This board features a LatticeECP3-95 FPGA device, PCI Express x1 and x4 edge connectors, and other useful features that enable easy PCI Express evaluation.
Solutions Board Solutions Board
LatticeECP3 PCI Express Development Kit Documentation
Complete documentation including the development kit quick start guide and user's guide, IP core user's guide, solutions board user's guide, and user's guides for all demos, is included.
Development Kit Docs Development Kit Docs
LatticeECP3 PCI Express Development Kit Installation Files
Download the latest installation files for Windows or Linux here.
It is highly recommended that the readme file is downloaded to check for release updates and version history before initiating the download of the installation files.


Read Me


Read Me

Demo Applications
Four demo applications, for control plane or data plane applications, are included in the downloadable executable files.
  • PCI Express Basic Demo:The demo includes a simple GUI-based application along with an API and device drivers for use on any Windows PC.  It enables typical PCIe card functionality in a PC, showing simple interaction between the demo running on the PC and the PCI Express IP core on the evaluation board.
  • PCI Express Throughput Demo: This demo demonstrates and measures performance bandwidth between the PCI Express IP core and the LatticeECP3 SERDES, specifically measuring data rates for reads from PC memory and writes to PC memory.
  • PCI Express Scatter-Gather DMA Demo #1 - Color Bar: The demo makes use of both the Lattice PCI Express and Scatter-Gather DMA IP cores.  The demo transfers an color bar gradient image from the evaluation board memory to PC memory for display, showing simple block transfers graphically through the change in colors.
  • PCI Express Scatter-Gather DMA Demo #2 - Image Transfer: This demo also makes use of the Lattice PCI Express and Scatter-Gather DMA IP cores.  It shows the capability of the cores to perform large block transfers by transferring an image from the PC to the board and back to the demo application.
Demo User Guides Demo User Guides
Lattice Diamond Design Software
The development kit includes a 60-day license of the Lattice Diamond software for Windows platform. Diamond is the design environment for all Lattice FPGAs.  Diamond also includes the IPexpress software for configuration of custom IP designs (such as the PCI Express IP core).  Upgrades to a permanent Diamond license can be requested here.
Lattice Diamond Windows Lattice Diamond Linux
IP Cores
Evaluate: The IP Express tool within Lattice Diamond software allows for the creation of custom configurations of IP cores, full integration into designs, and even hardware testing before purchasing the core. These trial configurations will run for a limited time in hardware, after which time the silicon device will have to be reprogrammed. 
Purchase: When ready customers can purchase IP Cores or the PCI Express IP Suite by contacting their local sales office.

This is used to program the LatticeECP3-95 FPGA on the evaluation board.