CTimes / 產業新品推廣中心 / NXP-TEA179x
原廠/品牌: NXP 上架日期: 02/28
供應商: NXP 產品類別: Power

     Optimized for use in power adapters, this next-generation GreenChip device enables low current consumption, high system efficiency, and a reduced bill of materials.

零件編號 封裝 規格說明 單價 庫存 最小
TEA179x SOT96-1/SOT457 Synchronous Rectification controller suitable for both high-side and low-side control    電洽 0週交貨 1 電洽


  • ■ Small, industry standard TSOP6 package enabling compact applications
  • ■ Accurate Synchronous Rectification functionality
  • ■ Wide supply voltage range (8.5 to 38 V)
  • ■ High level of integration, resulting in a low external component count
  • ■ High driver output voltage of 10 V to drive all MOSFET brands to the lowest RDSon

  • ■ Chargers
  • ■ Adapters
  • ■ LCD TV