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文章Taiwanese Industrial Tech Has the Characteristics of Being Small and Powerful (2017.05.09)
(圖一) Taiwan Excellence booth which organized by TAITRA showcased a lot of Taiwan's industrial products in the Hanover Messe. According to Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) data, over 120 Taiwanese entrepreneurs took part in the Hannover Messe IA & Digital Factory exhibition in domains which included equipment, Netcom, industrial computers, robots, and energy and machine equipment
智晶光電持續拓展PMOLED應用的無限可能 (2017.03.12)
(圖一) 台灣PMOLED解決方案供應商智晶光電(WiseChip)則充分展示PMOLED易客製與高CP值的強項,並為市場帶來了更多的應用想像。 輕、薄、高亮度與低功耗,是眾所周知的OLED技術的主要優勢,但對電子產品製造商來說,容易客製化與高CP值則是更重要的特色
手機大數據 揭開電子零組件貴金屬含量的密碼 (2017.03.06)
文章The Next Step In Wireless Charging (2017.01.24)
In 2013 Allion published The New Era of Unlimited Battery Charging Technology: Allion Wired & Wireless Charging Test & Evaluation Report, during this comprehensive study the company uncovered some concerns regarding the first generation wireless chargers which were: Extended Charging Periods, Low Charge Efficiency & Energy Conversion Rate, Safety and Interoperability Concerns
文PMOLED Is Showing Its Power of Diversity (2016.11.09)
You may be stunned by the lively, saturated, and detailed colors of AMOLED. In that case, you will also be astonished by the creativity, extensiveness, and diversity of PMOLED. And Taiwanese PMOLED manufacturer WiseChip is showing such strength at Electronica 2016 in Germany
文Taiwan OLED Display Panel Suppliers Overview (2016.10.17)
Utilizing Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology as a display application has the advantages of consuming less power and having a thinner panel volumes. It is also extremely suitable for use in mobile devices, especially smart phones
文章The Conservation Mentality of Smart Agriculture Systems (2016.07.27)
The global climate is rapidly changing, and the global warming problem is severely affecting food and cash crop harvests. Using artificial environments to gain control, cultivate crops, and ensure the stability of harvests has already become an important contemporary issue for countries around the world
快速實現大規模的電子垃圾環保回收-Barrel One Automatic Machine (2016.01.19)
(圖一) Barrel One自動化環保錫剝除機台是一個達成環保與獲利雙贏的絕佳廢機板回收解決方案。 對於那些正在從事電子垃圾回收,或者有意投入此一事業的企業,Barrel One自動化環保錫剝除機台將是一個可以扭轉經營思維的方案
Epson獨門技術 打下工業機器人市場 (2016.01.06)
智慧工廠的議題不斷發酵, 顛覆了過去製造業的製造模式, 面對新一波的工業革命, Epson要以小博大,拓展市場版圖。
文章 Taiwan to Highlight Itself in Industry 4.0 (2016.01.04)
Time is money. As the old saying goes “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Similarly, A second saved is a second earned. Industry 4.0 is the mechanical production systems, work-sharing mass production and the automation of production processes, the so-called “the fourth industrial revolution”
文章An In-Depth Visit to the ARM Taiwan CPU Design Center (2015.12.17)
In September 2015 the ARM CPU Design Center formally opened in Hsinchu, Taiwan. It is not only Taiwan’s first CPU design center but also the first ARM design center in Asia. The center specializes in Cortex-M processor development for IoT use
文章Smart Care Is Not Just a Trend; It Is Now (2015.12.07)
In the same way that factories are becoming smart, medical care is also comprehensively shifting towards smart development. A top-notch medical care organization and medical service not only needs specialized medical care personnel, but also a complete smart medical environment in order to deal with the rapidly changing living environment and population structure
文章The Maker Movement in Taiwan (2015.11.12)
The Maker Movement is an unmistakable trend all over the world. However, what do you want to do to make our life more convenient? Don’t think to much, because makers always said “Just do it.” What is Maker Movement
文章Silver Nanowires Are Revolutionizing the CE/Human Interface (2015.10.21)
Our hands, wrists and shoulders are not hard or flat & rectangular. They're soft, pliable and pressure-sensitive. But the current personal electronics gadgets we're carrying around are still hard, flat and pretty rigid. All this will change as portable/wearable devices move into mass market acceptance
文章Flexible Display Technology in Taiwan (2015.10.01)
“Taking ten years to sharpen a sword!” said Lee Cheng-chung, Deputy General Director at the Display Technology Center of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). The institute has already showcased its lastest 7-inch, full HD foldable AMOLED display at 2015 Touch Taiwan on August 26 to 28 that successfully become one of the highlights at the show
文章The End of GPS-only Modules (2015.09.21)
In the past, the only satellite system available globally was GPS (operated by the United States), and any GPS receivers or modules had to rely on their satellites to function. This has changed in recent years, as other satellite navigation systems have begun to operate (or semi-operate) to compete with GPS
文章Taiwanese USB 3.1 Chips Firms Outlook (2015.08.30)
A January 2013 press release from the USB group revealed plans to update USB 3.0 to 10 Gbit/s. The group ended up creating a new USB version, USB 3.1, which was released on 31 July 2013, introducing a faster transfer mode called “SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbit/s”, putting it on par with a single first-generation Thunderbolt channel
文章CyanogenMod, New opportunities for Taiwan SMEs (2015.07.17)
Care to get your handset’s operating sysytem (OS) customized? Here comes the CyanogenMod (CM), which is all the rage for the reason it’s aiming at replacing Google’s Android. William Liang, former Senior Director at innovation Digital System Business Group (iDSBG) System Software Division Operating System Department of Hon Hai Technology
d&i創新設計獎:iSG愛思達工業熱插拔無托盤機箱 (2015.07.04)
d&i創新設計獎:英丰寶Nextep行動應用整合App (2015.06.29)
在今年COMPUTEX d&i awards 的獲獎者中,英丰寶資訊( InfoPower )可以說是最特別的一家,不僅是他們是唯一一家以「應用程式與軟體」類別獲獎的業者,更是因為它們產品的應用概念著實出眾,其獨創的「Nextep」行動應用整合App實至名歸的贏得評審一致的讚賞



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